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Your Pocket Watch Chain >

It is always a good idea to secure your pocket watch with a chain to avoid damage if it is accidentaly dropped. Never keep your pocket watch in the same pocket as other items such as keys or coins.

The Albert T-Bar chain is the classic look designed to be worn with a waistcoat. To attach, undo a button about half way up your waist coat. Insert the T-Bar into the front of the button hole, allowing the chain to hang out. next fasten the button through the back of the button hole as usual. Gently pull on the chain to make sure it is secure. With the clasp at the other end attached to your pocket watch, place the watch in your waistcoat pocket. You can change which button hole you use to change how the chain hangs.

The Belt Bar chain is designed for use with trousers or a belt. The bar simply slides over the top of a belt or the top of your trousers. Once it is secure, attach the other end to your pocket watch and place in your trouser pocket.

The Bolt Ring chain has an O ring with a spirnged bolt through it. Pull back the bolt and hook the O ring around the belt loop on your trouser. Release the bolt to secure the chain. When the chain is sucered you can attach your pocket watch to the other end with the clasp. This style is often worn with a more casual attire.

Opening And Closing Your Pocket Watch >

Some pocket watches have protective covers which open to view the time or mechanism. To open a Full or Half Hunter (front opening) press the button on top of the winder, allowing the cse to slowly open with your other hand. To open a Double or Double Half Hunter (front & back opening) press the winder half way to open the front case, then press the winder fully to allow the back case to open as well. With all pocket watches, press the winder down to close to avoid wear on the case.
Always use both hands and make sure your pocket watch is secured to a chain.

Operating Your Pocket Watch >

A brand new Quartz pocket watch will often have a plastic tab holding the crown up. Simply remove the tab and press the crown in to engage te battery. If the crown is already pressed down, the watch should already be working. If the hands do not move you will require a new battery.

Mechanical pocket watches need to be hand wound daily. To do this wind the crown clockwise 25-30 times, stopping when you feel it tighten, be careful not to overwind as this can damage the movement.

Setting Your Pocket Watch >

Standard Quartz & Mechanical pocket watches are set in the same way. Pull up the crown, rotate to move the hands to show the correct time and press the crown back in.

For a Moondial pocket watch, set as above then check the sun/moondial to see if the sun or moon is showing for day or night. If it is wrong, wind the hands 12 hours forward to move the sun/moon.

For Dual Time pocket watches, wind hands clockwise to set the small dial, then wind counterclockwise to set the main dial. If your watch has a Moondial you may need to advance clockwise 12 hours (do this last).

Pocket watches with other features will come with instructions.