How to Wear a Pocket Watch

Pocket watches appear completely timeless, stylish, and simple to factor into your ensemble, but many people are in the dark over how to wear a pocket watch properly. This age-old accessory is the ideal addition to a range of formal outfits, but it does need to be worn in a certain way to properly complement your clothes. 

To help you perfect the placement and styling of your pocket watch, we’ve put together a handy guide on how exactly to wear this unfading fashionable timepiece.

Types of Pocket Watch Chain

First things first, let’s start with the different types of chains that are essential for attaching your accessory to your clothing.

T-Bar Chains

The T-Bar is the archetypal accessory chain for pairing a pocket watch with a waistcoat, blazer, or jacket. The T-Bar itself attaches to the buttonhole of the garment, this holds the bar in place while the watch itself can be placed into the breast pocket or side pocket. 

Belt Bar Chains

As the name suggests, the Belt Bar attaches to the wearer’s belt; simply slide the bar onto the belt itself or to the top of the trousers to securely anchor the chain, allowing you to place the watch into your trouser pocket. 

Bolt Ring Chains

Bolt Ring chains are the most flexible of all three pocket watch chains. They enable you to attach the chain to both the belt and or the buttonhole of a waistcoat, giving you a versatile advantage when it comes to different looks.

How to Wear Your Pocket Watch With...

A Waistcoat

Waistcoats look great when paired with a pocket watch, but how’s best to wear your timepiece alongside this formal garment? 

Traditional and timelessly stylish, the waistcoat and pocket watch combo is great for formal events where you don’t want to don a full three-piece suit, for example, a wedding in summer. As we’ve touched upon above, if you’re looking to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat, you’ll need to accessorize with either the T-Bar chain or the Bolt Ring chain for best results. 

A Suit

Suits are simply made to be accompanied by a classy looking pocket watch, so how should you combine the two? 

Sleek, stylish, and formal, when twinned together, the suit and pocket watch are ideal for making waves at work parties, weddings, and formal occasions and events. The best way to factor in your timepiece is with a three-piece suit, but you can include a pocket watch in your ensemble if you’re not wearing a waistcoat. 

If you’re opting for a two-piece, you’re able to attach your pocket watch through the suit jacket’s buttonhole or the belt loop with a Belt Bar chain.

Jeans and casual wear 

That’s right, your pocket watch doesn’t have to be reserved solely for formal events, you can also factor it into your casual outfits too.

Some people simply enjoy the pocket watch as a functional everyday timepiece rather than a statement for more dressy occasions, so why not wear it every day? To tie in a pocket watch with your jeans or chinos, opt for a slim fit and darker colors that will contrast your pocket watch beautifully. 

You can also wear a button-down shirt, attaching the pocket watch chain to a chest level buttonhole and stowing your watch away in your pocket.


There you have it, three stylish chain types, and three simple yet effective ways to wear your pocket watch. For more style guides and advice, browse our blog page.