Open Face
Pocket Watch

A timeless style with classic appeal, open face pocket watches are a perfect choice. Open face pocket watches feature no lid to the front or back of the watch, meaning that the watch face is always visible. This makes the open face pocket watch a practical option for timekeeping, and one of the most sleek and sophisticated, no-fuss designs for the modern man.


Full Hunter
Pocket Watch

An iconic pocket watch design, the full hunter pocket watch features a protective outer case to the front which fully covers the watch face; to tell the time, simply flip open the outer case. The benefits of having an outer case are that your watch face is always protected, but also there are many more design options if you choose to have the outer case embellished or engraved with initials.


Half Hunter
Pocket Watch

Enjoy the best features of the full hunter watch and open face watch with a half hunter pocket watch. Blending protection with practical timeface visibility, the half hunter pocket watch features a protective case at the front with either an open or glass covered viewing window. This means you’ll be able to quickly tell the time while keeping the timeface protected.


Double Hunter
Pocket Watch

For the ultimate in protection, choose a double hunter pocket watch. Featuring casing to the both the front and back of the watch, a double hunter pocket watch is able to protect the timeface while also offering you the option to view the timeface to the front and the fascinating mechanics to the back of the watch. With both cases open, you’ll also be able to stand the double hunter pocket watch on its own which makes a great decorative item for your office desk or bureau.


Half Double Hunter
Pocket Watch

he ideal choice for a pocket watch connoisseur, the half double hunter blends the casing to the front and back of the watch with a viewing window that allows the wearer to quickly tell the time. The piece best known for intricate detailing, a half double hunter pocket watch is a luxurious choice with an elegant flair.





Pocket Watch

The most traditional movement function of a pocket watch is mechanical movement. Many modern watches are battery powered, but the timepiece of a mechanical pocket watch is powered by a number of intricate components inside the watch. This means that a mechanical pocket watch must be wound manually in order to remain accurate which brings true old-world charm to the watch. In order to showcase the detailed mechanics, choose a skeleton or double hunter style mechanical pocket watch.


Swiss Mechanical
Pocket Watch

Renowned for their luxurious design and craftsmanship, swiss watches have a reputation for premium standards when it comes to their pocket watches. In order to quality as a ‘Swiss made’ pocket watch, the piece must meet a number of requirements including the mechanics and encasing of the watch being developed in Switzerland. Perfect for those who love the finer things in life, Swiss made pocket watchers are a marker of heritage, luxury and distinction.


Pocket Watch

Powered by an inner battery, quartz pocket watches function by sending an electrical current through a quartz crystal which then powers the mechanics of the watch. The benefit of a quartz pocket watch is that the watch doesn’t require manual winding in order to remain accurate, and can be identified by its unique ticking motion. Due to its accuracy, the quartz pocket watch is perfect for use on a more regular basis.



Belt Bar

One of the simplest ways of securing your pocket watch while in use, belt bar chains consist of a two-sided chain which connects your pocket watch to your clothing. Constructed from a chain that features a top loop and pocket watch attachment, you simply need to connect the top loop to a convenient place such as your belt or trouser waist, then store the pocket watch in your trouser pocket for your convenience. A fuss-free method of wearing your pocket watch, the belt bar is sure to strike a sophisticated impression.


Bolt Ring

If you’re looking for a pocket watch chain with more versatility, try a bolt ring chain. Using a bolt ring chain means that you’ll be able to attach your pocket watch to various items of clothing from your trouser belt loop to your waistcoat, meaning that you can then store your pocket watch in a number of locations from the breast pocket of your jacket to your trouser pocket depending on which style of wear works best for you.


Albert T Bar

Named for the T shaped bar that sits at one end of the chain, Albert T Bar chains are designed to easily slot through the buttonhole of your waistcoat or jacket. This is a simple means of attaching and storing your pocket watch if you prefer to keep it in your jacket pocket rather than your trouser pocket. This also allows the pocket watch chain to hang across your body for a decorative style feature often seen in formalwear wardrobes.