Albert T Bar Chains

Albert T bar chains are named after King Albert who was married to the more recognizable Queen Victoria from across the pond of years gone by and he was rather fond of pocket watches. We offer a great selection of these Albert T Bar chains in a range of lengths and thicknesses with the T bar taking its position in the button hole of your jacket or waistcoat to keep your watch safe and secure. Your suit just won't look the same without one.

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Here at we have a top selection of Albert T bar chains for your pocket watch to suit all tastes and practicalities. 

We offer a single chain and a double chain so whilst wearing you can keep two items safe and secure and they also come in a range of different colours, lengths, thicknesses and materials.


All orders are despatched via DHL we will require a signature upon delivery. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 working hours.


Free bespoke engraving

Why not add an engraving to your pocket watch to make a gift or occasion extra special, guaranteed to be cherished by the recipient for years to come.


Free cleaning cloth

All pocket watches come with a free micro fibre cleaning cloth to help keep your pocket watch as prestine as the day you received it.

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