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Is a Pocket Watch a Worthy Investment?

In today’s world, checking the time usually means getting a smartphone out of your pocket however, an upsurge of interest in vintage fashion has led many people back to the pocket watch. A firm favourite at weddings or special events, it’s common to see men wearing the tell-tale chain with their formal wear and some even incorporate it into their office wear.

Whilst it is still quite rare to see someone using a pocket watch day-to-day, these classic timepieces are making a comeback and if you’re considering investing in a pocket watch, we have everything you need to know. 

Which pocket watch is right for me?

We’ve already covered the types of pocket watches available so let’s take a look at style. Thanks to the increase of popularity in pocket watches, buyers can now choose between investing in an antique model or opting for one of the more contemporary designs. If you’re opting for the antique route, we advise reading our guide to vintage pocket watches and what they’re worth. Everything from the manufacturer to the type of movement used within the timepiece plays a part in determining whether or not your antique pocket watch is a good investment and it is wise to consult with a professional before parting with a large sum! 

If you’re looking for a practical pocket watch that will last you a long time, a modern design may be more suitable. Buying a new pocket watch simplifies a lot of things, especially as you don’t need to worry about prior care or costly repairs that often come with antique models. 

Whether you opt for an antique or a modern pocket watch, you should consider your purchase to be an investment both in terms of value and significance as you pass the timepiece through the family as an heirloom. Ensure that your pocket watch is in good working order before committing to buy and take the time to research which style offers the most value to you in terms of use. 

How will you use it?

Consider how often you will we wearing your pocket watch. If it’s going to be part of your everyday ensemble, a reliable, simple design should suffice. If your pocket watch is for special occasions, you may want to look for a more ornate design. Where you use your pocket watch is another thing to consider if you’re planning to invest in a timepiece, some modern pocket watches offer waterproofing features that will protect the watch if it comes into contact with water. This is ideal for those looking for a pocket watch that will be worn regularly, especially at outdoor events. 

Older models tend not to have this and with many antique models, water damage can significantly impact both the working condition of the watch and the overall value. If you’re simply investing in a piece for monetary value, antique models are a great choice but it is vital that they’re stored in the right way to prevent damage. 

Whichever pocket watch you choose, make sure you take the time to get to know the wide range of models, materials, movements and pocket watch types available before you make your decision. Pocket watches are a fantastic investment, whether you’re looking to gain value over time or you want to create a new family tradition and pass your timepiece on to younger generations. Find out more about pocket watches in our History of The Pocket Watch guide. 

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