Are Pocket Watches in Style?

The Rise of Antique Timepieces. Over the years, watches have perhaps dwindled in popularity thanks to the rise of the smartphone. No longer is it a necessity to wear a watch to tell the time, and instead, people prefer to check their phone instead consulting a trusty timepiece.  Rather than a must-wear everyday item, the watch has now moved into the territory of fashionable accessory for many. Nowhere is this more evident than in the pocket watch market, however, in recent years, pocket watches have seen a rise in popularity... Read More


Modern Pocket Watches For Today’s Generation

Thanks to the return of the hit BBC show, Peaky Blinders, pocket watches are back – in a big way! Today’s generation is embracing the effortless style and sophistication that comes from adding a pocket watch to their formal outfits, or adding one to their everyday look for that instant vintage flair! The rich history of the pocket watch has led to it being seen as a family heirloom or a keepsake for many years. Today, we’re seeing a resurgence in interest in these timepieces, but what should you look... Read More


George Daniels Space Traveller Pocket Watch Sells for £3.6m

Known as the greatest watchmaker of his time, Dr George Daniels has broken a new record today following the sale of the Space Traveller 1. The timepiece sold for a world record-breaking £3.6m following seven minutes of bidding at Sotheby’s in London. This is the most ever paid for a timepiece created by an independent watchmaker. The Space Traveller had been part of a private collection since 1988 and was once described by George Daniels as “the kind of watch you would need on your package tour to Mars”. Crafted... Read More


Abraham Lincoln’s Pocket Watch

Let’s go back in time to 1850, a successful lawyer called Abraham Lincoln is looking for a new watch. He finds himself in Springfield, Illinois, where a jeweller, George Chatterton, presents him with an 18-carat pocket watch… There wasn’t anything remarkable about the timepiece, the mechanism was manufactured in Liverpool, England while the case was typical of the high-quality expected in America at the time. Fast forward to November 1860 when Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States, his watch remained the same but needed some repairs.... Read More


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Mark your Diary: Sunday, June 16th At Pocket Watches, we’re here to help you celebrate the special guys in your life. Whether it’s dad, brother, uncle, grandad, stepdad or special figure who has helped shape your life. What better way to celebrate the time you spend together than with a pocket watch Our pocket watch collection includes designs that are perfect for Father’s Day with leading watch brands such as Greenwich, Jean Pierre, Woodford and Mount Royale to choose from. Presented in beautiful display boxes with matching chains and even... Read More


Military Gift Guide

As May approaches, so do are the days where we stop and recognize members of our armed forces. These are the days where we give thanks to the brand servicemen and women who risk their lives for us and those that have lost their lives in the past. Whether you are in the forces or you have a friend, family member or spouse who are currently serving, we have a selection of military gifts that will show how much you appreciate them. US Military Holidays 2019 Important Dates Military Spouse... Read More


Gifts For Father Of The Bride

Gift giving is an important wedding day tradition. If you’re lucky enough to be getting hitched soon, are you fully prepared with gifts for your wedding party? Wedding party gifts are a great way of showing your loved ones how much you care, and to thank them for sharing your special day with you. And when it comes to members of the wedding party, the father of the bride plays a huge role! So, how do you show your gratitude for his part in your day? Here at Pocket Watches,... Read More


Unique Groom Gifts

The countdown to your big day has begun. You’re working your way through the wedding planning list, getting excited over dresses and venues and first song choices. But, have you thought about a wedding gift for your groom? An exchanging of gifts between the bride and groom is somewhat of a wedding day tradition, but one that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. So, what exactly do you buy your other half? If you’re looking for unique groom gifts, you’re in the right place. Here at Pocket Watches, we’re discussing... Read More


How to wear a pocket watch with a waistcoat

The traditional way to wear a pocket watch is to carry it in the pocket of a waistcoat, letting the chain drape through a buttonhole and resting in the opposite pocket, If you haven’t worn a pocket watch before, getting the styling right can be tricky, so this guide will take you through everything you need to know about wearing a pocket watch with a waistcoat. We’re also going to look at some of the most common waistcoat colours and which style pocket watch will suit it best! Selecting your... Read More


How Long Will A Pocket Watch Last?

A pocket watch truly is an investment piece, guaranteed to bring joy and style to the owner for years to come. However, the overall longevity of your pocket watch depends a lot on the correct care. Older, misused or damaged pocket watches will begin to show signs of age – you may find a full wind of your watch isn’t lasting as long as it used to, or you are struggling to wind the watch at all. It is therefore important to take extremely good care of your pocket watch... Read More